Shane Dawson and His Most Controversial Series

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Shane Lee Yaw, sounds familiar? If not, it’s because he’s famously known as Shane Dawson. A 30-year old American YouTuber, but he’s not just that. Dawson is actually a lot of things—an author, comedian, actor, film director, and musician.

Dawson was 19 years old when he started to make videos for YouTube. Most of his work consisted of comedy videos, such as dumb life and beauty hacks, impersonating celebrities, and etc. He also had a short-lived music career, releasing 6 original songs and some of the most popular music videos and movie trailer parodies. He also starred in some short films and some of those he produced himself. What a talent!

Later in 2017, Dawson has focused more on his YouTube channel where he has shifted to a wide variety of videos such as extended vlogs, conspiracy theories, and documentary-style series where he collaborated with other YouTubers like Ryland Adams, Garrett Watts, Morgan Adams, Drew Monson, Andrew Siwicki, James Charles, and Jeffree Star.

Dawson as an influencer, famed through his documentary-series. His first series that garnered significant media attention was about the TanaCon Convention, it has received millions of views in one week. Another is the internet sensation Jeffree Star, which received 70 million views in the first two weeks.

His latest documentary-series is about Jake Paul, the most controversial so far. Jake Joseph Paul is a 21-year old YouTuber, who is initially famous for his videos on Vine. He (Paul) is also known for creating a group for teen entertainment called Team 10, growing influencers into superstars. Paul has faced a lot of controversies, sued for public nuisance, being too inappropriately sexually explicit, and etc., leading to speculations that he may be a sociopath.

Dawson’s series is about sociopaths, explaining the behavioral signs and symptoms. He was doing intensive research about the subject matter, interviewed people close to Paul like Nick Crompton (former Team 10 member), Erika Costell (Paul’s girlfriend), and constant consultations with Kati Morton (a licensed therapist).

In the long run he received a lot of backlash for going overboard with the horror movie editing and being overdramatic, which then he later on apologized for. His intentions were clear, he wanted to understand Paul as he is, so he didn’t hold back and spills full tea. This is an 8-part series, so far we’re waiting for the 2-part finale. You may check out the links below if you haven’t watched any of the series.


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