25 years of Harley Quinn

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The girl, who is a sucker for pain, Harley Quinn now takes over on Batman’ Day. For a side character, she became the most popular comic character of all time.

Harley Quinn takes over Batman’ Day

Not only Batman gets to takes the glory by giving him a day of celebration, but due to her popularity, DC comics is giving her, her spotlight.  To commemorate her 25 years in the comic industry, DC released a video showcasing her art revolution from the first comic release to its recent years. Expect to see different art style and costumes that is Harley throughout the years. It also includes those versions she has in the movie or other comic appearances.

Bruse Timm, co-creator of Harley Quinn, just couldn’t believe the massive growth in popularity of the character. Harley Quinn landed at the 4th popular character in comics. Now that’s girl power! Well, sort of.

Who is Harley Quinn? What made her famous?

Harley Quinn is a love-obsessed character, fallen in love with Batman’s enemy, the Joker. People often describe her as psychotic, of which is true if you’re going to talk about her deep infatuation with the Joker. Most of her life often revolves around the Joker.

Once, she worked as a Psychiatric Intern and came across with the Joker. She got fascinated on the Joker and gained his sympathy. Later on, she got seduced, fell in love with him, and finally resulted in his escape from the Arkham Asylum, of course, with Harley’s help.

Harley Quinn mostly became famous for the twisted love she has with the Joker. She became an icon for relationship abuse because of that. Often seen enough when the Joker, whom most of the time, doesn’t care about Harley. She got kicked and slapped around, given a bouquet of roses with dynamites, and got trapped and launched in a rocket.

What made this relationship twisted is how the Joker sometimes expresses his protectiveness to Harley. The Joker can show his possessive side when in time Harley seems to be in a pinch. And that, the only person who has stayed and seen his sensitive side was Harley.

Maybe it’s the abuse that made Harley a beloved character. Some might even relate to her. Below is the video for you to watch showcasing all that is Harley Quinn. Enjoy!