DC Mash-Up: Regular DC Superheroes VS. The Watchmen [Doomsday Clock]

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A video trailer posted recently to explain what the Doomsday Clock was all about. The new 12-issue comic release contains a mash-up of an old iconic comic book by DC, entitled Watchmen, to its regular superheroes. It seems that hints were already given to the previous comic releases, as explained in the video. The video, in short, contains the interview of the President and Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, on how the storyboard came to be.

Road to Doomsday Clock

The video entitled as Road to Doomsday Clock entails that the comic Geoff Johns had written, of which is DC Universe Rebirth, contains the hints in which what the Doomsday Clock will be. A particular character in Watchmen will mess up time and space of which the regular DC heroes undergo. He said specifically in the trailer that this won’t be just a regular mash-up. They wanted, in fact, to respect the integrity of the story and universe that The Watchmen lived.

What is Watchmen?

Watchmen’s storyline revolves around the year 1985. Imagine it as an alternative reality in which superheroes are real. But ironically, the only character with the powers was named as Doctor Manhattan. To sum it up, the story contains a murder of one of the characters. However, this leads to a revelation of a plot to kill and disinherit superheroes living in the past or present.

The comic, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, contains 12 maxiseries issue only. The comic released first last September of 1986 and following its end last October of 1987.

Doomsday Clock

The DC comic written by Geoff Johns and paired Gary Frank for art with color by Brad Anderson contains a total of 12 issues. The comic will make its debut with Doomsday Clock #1 this November 22, 2017. Noted that the comic will be the story of our time. If interested, pre-order your copies now!