DC Heroes in Funko Pop Form


Here, Here! Justice League Unite! A new box collection for DC Comic’s Legion of Collectors by Funko Pop is up for orders! And with that, a teaser created just to spread the word and also entice people to buy the products. The featured characters are adorably cute and very funny!

Legion of Collectors

Legion of Collectors is a collaboration between Funko Pop and DC Comics. The monthly box of goodies gives fans a treat on all things DC! This months collection seems to showcase Aquaman. The heroes shown in the video teaser were Wonder Woman, Batman, and finally Aquaman. T

his month might showcase the combination of the three, and well nobody leaves Aquaman behind. What to see in the video is just a very cute Aquaman rescuing Batman and Wonder Woman!

What’s in the box?

Well, collectibles, of course! Since this is in partnership with Funko Pop, then fans must expect Funko Pop Figure(s). Also, there is merchandise that contains either of the following: Apparel, Accessories, Toys and some memorabilia. The Justice League Box’s closing date is on November 1, 2017.

How Much? Details?

The products are shipped individually to US and Canada only. There are two kinds of membership in subscribing in this merchandise. Firstly, the sidekick membership, wherein payment will be done every month, costs $25 (US) only. And finally, for those with a little more budget, there is an annual payment that cost $150 (US) that contains a total of 6 boxes in total plus an anniversary gift.

All boxes include products that cost to about 50 dollars, making it a bang for your buck! Every merchandise inside is made personally on what the theme is in that month. Watch the video teaser below to get yourself pumped up and be a member of the Legion of Collectors today! The video is only about a minute long.

By the way, if occurring products looks like a bother, you can stop or unsubscribe anytime. But, die-hard fans won’t let this one slip down. Go on and let your collection grow!