Mephisto in Marvel: Contest of Champions Game

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Marvel Entertainment/Youtube
Mephisto Official Image
Mephisto Official Image | Marvel

The Marvel: Contest of Champions has been around for almost three years in smartphone devices. It has regular updates from time to time, and finally, it added Mephisto into their latest update.

In a Twitter post of Marvel Champions, the character who is a supervillain in Marvel Comics sets his debut into the game. This is an exciting update because he’s a powerful enemy to the superheroes.

Is Mephisto a Playable Character in Marvel: Contest of Champions?

Mephistopheles was the main inspiration for this Marvel’s Lord of Evil. Both are demon characters, and the nickname of Mephisto of the original is adapted to the Marvel version. In the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is also known as Satan, Lucifer, The Devil, etc.

His current inclusion to the mobile fighting game has triggered positive reactions from fans. Mephisto is considered The Lord of Evil whose abilities are high spec. Indeed, he will pose as a great adversary to some of the Champions.

In the game, Mephisto’s primary goal is to “break the will and enslave the souls” of the Champions. His powers and abilities from the comics also have their spotlight in this game. Even his attacks looked deadly!

Mephisto is a playable character belonging to the Mystic class. If you’re familiar with the game, a Champion like Mephisto has magical abilities. They have the advantage over Cosmic Champion but have the disadvantage to Science Champions.

But, those don’t stop him from emanating the dark aura of an evil overlord. He has three special moves such as soul imprisonment, the aura of incineration, and the alternate reality.

His signature ability is the burning aura which is just like the aura of incineration but with a twist. It activates when his enemy hits him. Mephisto’s powers are all associated with his demonic lineage such as fire, acquiring souls, and deception.

The new update of Marvel: Contest of Champions is already available for download. Other new stuff is blades, quests, and some bug fixes.