Why You Should Watch Justice League (2017)

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The Justice League film is the fifth installment of the DC Extended Universe. Warner Bros. Pictures produced this movie and is slated to appear next month. With the things going, will Justice League beat Wonder Woman in the box office?

It’s no wonder that Wonder Woman won the hearts of many people when it showed in theaters earlier this year. Everyone was captivated with Gal Gadot’s acting and how she was perfect for the role. Other previous films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) didn’t fare well though. Fans thought that the movie lacked in some aspects.

The upcoming Justice League will be a film where the DC superheroes gather in one setting. This is different from Batman v Superman because the main superheroes were adversaries. In fact, in Justice League, some superheroes will join forces to defeat a common enemy.

What to Watch Out in the Upcoming Film

Justice League | Empire Magazine
Justice League | Empire Magazine

In this upcoming movie, Superman is presumed to be dead in continuation of the events from the Batman v Superman film. Thus, Batman will lead the Justice League in facing the aliens who wish to harm Earth.

Batman or Bruce Wayne along with Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) will recruit superheroes to make a superhero team against Steppenwolf and his minions. However, they will only be able to assemble about five including them both. The first Justice League are composed of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash.

Now, will the live-action adaptation of the DC Comics be able to do justice? Based on the numerous trailers, indeed, it’s a guarantee that the movie will not flop in cinemas. The trailers told a story of how the planet will be in danger if superheroes will not step into battle against the aliens.

Despite the absence of Superman in the film promotion, it was confirmed that at one point, he would appear. However, it’s not certain if he will be shown on the first part showing next month. There are even speculations that Superman won’t be as friendly as he did. Looking back at his actions in the Batman v Superman, he might pose problems to the incomplete Justice League. Why incomplete? From the comic books and animated shows, Superman was the pillar of the group aside from Batman and Wonder Woman.

More on the Justice League Film

It took three years for this film from planning to filming, and then to editing. The Justice League will be in two parts. The first part will show on November 17th (next month), and the second part on June 14, 2019. Thus, after fans get to watch it the first time next month, they will have to wait for two years for the next one. Can fans endure it though? Well, it’s a moot point as sequels to the films take years to make.

Without a doubt, the long time of waiting for the live-action adaptation of the Justice League will soon be over next month. It’s expected to top over the Suicide Squad (2016). Suicide Squad was a movie about villains in the DC Extended Universe.