Ninja as War Spies? Call in Ninja-K!

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Some people love their ninjas. Ninjas are experts on stealth mode, making them the best spies. Valiant Comics releases another comic that revolves around the past and the future. Wherein ninjas where part of the project to spy in on the enemies or do kill.

Valiant Entertainment has a deep-rooted history with this comic. Valiant Comics made the first Ninjak but was later sold to Acclaim Comics. As Valiant Entertainment pops-up back in 2012, they bought back Ninjak.

So, we need to rewind with the story and history!

Like what was said, Valiant Comics created Ninjak, of which the main character is a son of a British superspy ninja seeking revenge for the death of his father. He uses the art of ninjutsu as to get revenge but ends up using his talents for England and the world.

As Valiant Comics became shaky around 1995 to 1996, Acclaim Comics bought the rights of the comic. They created a story for Ninjak that can be game-worthy or game-transferrable since Acclaim is also a game company.

With Valiant Entertainment spurt out last 2012, they brought back the comic from Acclaim. They rebooted the story to match back what was in the original storyline. Although, except having revenge for the death of his father, it was changed to revenge for the death of her girlfriend. The new story includes twists to make it a bit more modern like the new gadgets he created.

Ninja-K or Ninjak?

He was referred as Ninjak, but for those really in the know, the meaning of Ninjak is just a combination of his codename. His codename is Ninja-K, so obviously, there are ninjas before him.

The New Series (Ninja-K)

A new series will be released this upcoming November 15, 2017, continuing the adventure with the epic ninja. Since people love backstories, the new series explains how Ninja-K came to be. It answers the question who he is, and how he trained. Check out the full synopsis of Ninja-K!

It’s better to catch up with the story with the prelude comic of it, Ninjak #0. For more information on it watch the video below from WhoDooTV: