Future DC Movies Won’t Be Like in the Past

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DC Entertainment under Warner Bros. has enjoyed almost a billion in the box office with Wonder Woman. With this movie as an experiment, a new scheme for future DC movies was finalized and effective after the Justice League film that will premiere next month.

Wonder Woman was the highest grossing film in the DC Extended Universe. Surely, lots of viewers enjoyed Diana Prince’s story. Also, Gal Gadot’s acting there was superb. It is not uncommon for DC to have individual superhero films. But why did Wonder Woman earned more than 800-million dollars more than the group movie like Suicide Squad (2016)?

The true reason here is that the Wonder Woman focused on the heroine alone. It had its world and story which made the viewers focus on it entirely rather than the general plot of DC. As known already, DC has a big and expanded universe made of its myriad superheroes and supervillains.

DC Entertainment’s Next Move

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DC Extended Universe (DCEU) was originally made with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCE) as the paradigm or the first model. Throughout the years, fans enjoyed how Marvel heroes interacted with one another in most stories.

The scheme in MCE is that the characters have their own story and bound in continuity. There’s a buildup of the main arc in the subsequent films which lead to big and grand films like Avengers. Furthermore, films like Captain America and Ironman are standalone movies, and they do crossovers from time to time. It is when these galaxies are combined that makes up the universe in Marvel.

On DC’s case, most of their previous films drew criticisms from the viewers. DC movies are underperforming compared to the Marvel movies. Thus, to step up their game, DC will not go far from the idea of continuity but perhaps in other timelines. However, when it comes to big movies like Justice League, DC will not change its strategy.

Instead, more Wonder Woman-like films will come out when it comes to solo films like Aquaman, Cyborg, Joker, etc. DC now aims to tell more about the story of a particular character rather than make them appear in other solo movies. Fans can think of this as a new approach to win the people’s hearts. Moreover, it’s a move to try to triumph over Marvel.

Future DC Movies

If all goes well, DC will promote Aquaman which will release next year. DC’s chief executive creative officer named Geoff Johns said that Aquaman would be like Wonder Woman following this new approach in producing films. It’s possible that there will be no other superhero in the Aquaman film.