Why Did Marvel Comics Bring Back Wolverine After Killing Him Off?

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Wolverine, Comicstorian/Youtube

Many fans were surprised when Marvel killed one of the most popular characters of all time. Wolverine bid goodbye three years ago when his healing ability was pillaged. Three years after, the real hero fans came to love makes a comeback in the Marvel Universe.

Wolverine’s other alias is Logan. He is a superhuman mutant who has a superior regenerative ability. In normal circumstances, it makes him hard to kill. He is also easily recognized with his retractable adamantium claws that are as sharp as blades.

His death in the comic titled ‘The Death of Wolverine’ drew a backlash from the fans. Fans were saying how Marvel could eliminate one of its most popular Marvel characters. His death flag was ascertained when a virus that turns off his healing factor was introduced. His body was believed to be caught in an explosion.

Why Bring Back Wolverine Now?

The first issue of Marvel Legacy revealed the resurrection of Wolverine. Someone powerful did so to make him claim something that the unknown character desires.

Back to the main topic, there are theories as to why Marvel resurrected Wolverine in the original comics. One of which is that the absence of the hero was a massive blow to the company. Thus, there was always a void throughout the three years despite there were alternate versions of the character. But as it is, Wolverine is a memorable mutant with his shaggy hair, buffed body, and his adamantium claws. His brutality was on point, too.

Another reason to the adamantium hero’s comeback is to increase the comic sales. This wasn’t the first time Marvel killed off a character to boost sales. When Peter Parker was killed and resurrected, comic book sales were at their highest. The same could be said about ‘The Death of Wolverine’ comic sales.

Indeed, the comeback of the mutant hero made the fans excited. As to what’s the real deal why he was brought back to life, fans will have to follow the coming issues of Marvel legacy.