What if Joker is the Good Guy This Time? Batman: White Knight, an Alternate Universe

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Will this comic go too far? There are limits to what a person can do. Is the vigilante system the best method for saving lives? Is Batman ever wrong?

The comic Batman: White Knight reverses roles between Batman and the Joker. As the synopsis goes, Joker got cured from being insane, later reconciled with Harley Quinn, realizes that Batman is the real villain and became a politician to stop Batman.

“Batman: White Knight” – Yey or Nay?

If we look first in the fans perspective and having watched some youtube videos and comments to back-up this claim, it’s a 50/50. It’s another form of SJW, many protested. This what led half of the people to look back away from this comic.

What is SJW?

Don’t worry you are not alone, it has been a long issue and started with Marvel. Marvel lost some of its sales because some people just were not interested. It’s because, in 2015, Marvel suddenly showcases SJW.

SJW means Social Justice Warrior. So a social justice warrior is a person that showcases social-political views. Marvel showcases diversity at that year wherein they release characters like a girl Thor, a woman Iron-man, a Black Spiderman, an Asian Hulk and much more. People get it, Marvel wants to showcase diversity, but some felt that it’s killing the original characters for that sake. Some did like it, regarding having a new universe wherein those exist.

So why does the other half of the fans still hyped for the comic?

Well, it does have something to do with the famous writer-illustrator, Sean Murphy. He was the one who wrote Punk Rock Jesus. His writing style is so good that people think that he can pull this off.

Murphy said in his interview that the Joker already has the qualities to be a politician, to begin with. The vigilante system in the 21st century is not the best course of action. Murphy said that the answer is much more boring than what most people think – education, increasing wages, and building trust.

Do you think that this comic will prevail? Can it help in inspiring people or at least gave another perspective on heroism? What do you think?