What Will Marvel Showcase in New York Comic Con 2017

Marvel Entertainment/Youtube
Marvel Entertainment/Youtube
New York Comic Con Preview | Marvel Entertainment at Youtube

As known to geeks and fans, the New York Comic Con is one of the most sought and one of the biggest conventions in America. Of course, Marvel will participate in the assembly. So, what can the fans expect from Marvel?

New York Comic Con will be held Oct. 5 (tomorrow) until Oct. 8 (Sunday). The location is in Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. As of writing, tickets are already sold out. If this is just like last year, the event will expect at least 180,000 visitors throughout the four days.

The NYCC is the prime venue for different companies and brands. This is where movie trailers are showcased and even upcoming TV shows. This is also where there are announcements of everything new: from new video games to new action figures, from cross-overs of comic characters to cool cosplayers. Indeed, even the Japan anime industry has some space in the NYCC.

Marvel in New York Comic Con

This tweet posted by Marvel Entertainment already summarized what to watch out starting tomorrow. Marvel’s schedule is packed with a lot of activities.

Summarization won’t suffice for the geeks, so a detailed itinerary of the big comic company is in order. Activities range from interviews, scouting for new writers and artists, merchandises, cosplay events, etc. They are listed below.

October 5 (Thursday)

On this day, there are three official events that Marvel fans should check out. One is a point-by-point discussion between Jason Reynolds (Ghost, Miles Morales: Spider-Man) and Ta-Nehisi Coates (Black Panther). Both will share the stage to discuss everything from their personal lives to their experience working in the Marvel Universe.

The next activity is the Marvel Legacy: Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way where authors scout potential writers and authors. Who knows, there might be a good number of people that will write future stories!

The third event for Thursday is titled Marvel Legacy: Next Big Thing. It will feature a discussion among your favorite authors about the future of Marvel Legacy.

October 6 (Friday)

Fans will also get to see the people behind the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. The video game will release on November 14, 2017. Marvel will also provide first look reveals on some of the new additions to the game. Of course, lucky fans will receive exclusive prices!

Next, the Marvel: House of Ideas will share some secrets on the upcoming and new projects of Might Marvel. Lastly, the Marvel Legacy: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends will be a reunion of the spider family.

October 7 (Saturday)

The first event will be about Avengers. It’s not the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War but instead the Marvel Legacy comic. Fans will hear the latest news concerning the Avengers.

Second, the upcoming fifth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will also get ample time in the NYCC. Cast and producers will assemble and possibly there might be a new trailer to be showcased! The Gifted will also launch a first-look on the second episode of the TV series.

October 8 (Sunday)

On the last day, Marvel will reveal their plans on their biggest animated project to date. They will also release footage from Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy.

Marvel will also showcase ‘Women of Marvel’ in their extended universe. The activity will also talk more on Runaways.

More on NYCC

Cosplay is also one of the main highlights of the convention. The visitors will arrive in their flashy costumes of their favorite superheroes. There will be photo ops on Oct. 6. Then, on Saturday, cosplay contest will start, and participants may win exclusive prizes!

In Marvel’s booth, fans can buy exclusive merchandise products ranging from plushies, t-shirts, pin packs, and lanyards! There is surely a lot to watch out starting tomorrow.