Watch Out For The Comics Adaptation of Nintendo Arms!


The Nintendo ARMS is liked by everyone mainly the kids and teenagers. In the future, fans will see a graphic novel adaptation or simply comics of their favorite game!

Earlier today, Dark Horse Comics announced that ARMS would publish its first issue come fall 2018. Dark Horse Comics is a company based in USA and Nintendo’s official partner. In fact, through the partnership, Dark Horse published and will publish many Nintendo games in comic format. Some of them are Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts, and a few others. There is no information yet as to who the author or illustrator of the upcoming comic.

About Nintendo ARMS

Nintendo ARMS is playable only in Nintendo Switch. It released worldwide just last June, this year. It harvested mostly positive reviews.

In playing the game, there’s a maximum of four players where each can battle in a three-dimensional area. This is the main difference of the ARMS as compared to other games.

Furthermore, the attack styles are also different because you don’t need magical abilities. However, the twelve playable characters have their skills such as extending their arms for attacking. Imagine, you can attack the enemy by just extending your arm to punch, block, or dodge.

There are a variety of fighting modes that players enjoy. For example, if you grew tired of the standard mode, you can shift to Versus, Grand Prix, etc. Players can then battle computer-controlled fighters for ten consecutive matches.

Nintendo in NWC 2017

Though there’s no official booth of Nintendo in NYCC, Square Enix will showcase games that are playable on Switch. There will be a Nintendo World Championships in the same city on October 7th. The NWC 2017 will, of course, include Nintendo ARMS along with both old and new Nintendo games.