Marvel Debuts New Villain on Contest of Champions Game

Marvel Contest of Champions/Youtube

“Read closely, curse-bearer for this is your legacy.” A new character will be joining the Contest of Champions as a villain steps in. The new trailer video explains what the new character will be about. Also, the clip showcases the sword, La Fleur du Mal, with the story narrated by Guillotine.

The character: Morningstar

Who: Morningstar, a villain who once held the sword, La Fleur du Mal. With Mephisto’s help, she seeks revenge and is on the verge of looking for the sword.

Her history: In 999 A.D., Queen Haasen of Languria, an evil queen in possession of the sword, uses the power of the sword for evil. An unjust bloodthirsty ruler suppressing her subjects until her subject deemed it enough. Her subjects rebelled over her evil ruling. Later on, they took her sword away from her and locked her in on one of her torture devices, an iron maiden. In 1944 A.D., there thought to be trapped forever. Mephisto visited her and been offered a proposition. He will help her seek her revenge for a “small” price.

Mephisto’s Upgrade:  It seems the Queen’s body is trapped still in her cage, so Mesphisto turn the Iron Maiden, she’s in, into a mobile armor suit. Her primary weapon is a big chain.

Comic Release: After her debut in the game, a comic release comes after. In connection to the trailer is an in-universe comic adaptation by Al Ewing and artist Thomas Labourot. Fans got excited in the presence of Mephisto in the game and most probably in the story.

Marvel Contest of Champions

The game created by Kabam is an entertainment gaming company for mobile devices partnered with Marvel. Created for fans to have a hands-on interaction with their favorite character. Storywise, everything started with The Collector collecting Marvel heroes to play them in a battle arena to know if which hero is far more superior. The game contains some short story and lets fans decide their dream team. Upgrades, Power-up, Level-up and most especially the character collections were the reasons people are obsessing the game. On the contrary, the game is free to download and is available both on iOS and Android platform.