First Trailer of ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Arrives

Movieclips Trailers/Youtube

Earlier today, the sequel to ‘Pacific Rim’ titled ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ was finally showcased in the New York Comic Con. Brace yourselves, folks, because this movie is an improvement from the first film.

The trailer of the film started with the monsters trampling the city. Then, Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) witnessed the re-emerging of the Kaiju, but this time they had evolved. Kaiju, a Japanese word, is the term for the colossal monsters coming from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The war supposed to be finished when they closed The Breach which was the portal for the alien monsters. However, the real war and the apocalypse are just about to begin.

Plot of ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

Monsters have evolved, and they plan to wipe out the humanity. To prevent the apocalypse, a new generation of pilots will come to save the world from the oppressive monsters. To defeat the monsters, the pilots will have to bring out their Jaegers. However, since the Kaiju are better than their older predecessors, surely they will be harder to defeat. But the new pilots aren’t losing their hope either.

Following his father’s death from the last war, then Jake Pentecost abandoned being a Jaeger pilot and hid underground. However, the threat of Kaiju was immense that he sought his estranged sister, Mako Mori. He becomes part of the new Jaeger pilots.

The sequel is set ten years after the first film. The new film will feature lots of new robots called Jaegers. Each of them has their weapons, and they’re more high-spec compared to the last. There are three new Jaegers in ‘Pacific Rim Uprising.’ In the last war, the Jaegers were successful in defeating the Kaiju.

The ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ will show in theaters worldwide starting March 23, 2018. Steven S. DeKnight directed the film under Universal Pictures.