G.I. Joe and The Six Million Dollar Man: IDW Publishing and Dynamite Entertainment Crossover

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G.I. Joe’s Latest Recruit: The Six Million Dollar Man! Art by IDW Publishing.

IDW Publishing and Dynamite Entertainment combined in putting in up a new collaboration. Two classic characters together in a 4-part comic book crossover: G.I. Joe of IDW Publishing and The Bionic Man (or also called The Six Million Dollar Man) of Dynamite Entertainment. Both comics both have a solid history, even if their previous companies shut down, their stories still live on by their devoted fan, and other organizations willing to buy their rights.

G.I. JOE’s Latest Recruit: The Six Million Dollar Man!

Yes… some thought that it will be a battle story between the two iconic characters but rather G.I. Joe is in need of help, and The Six Million Dollar Man is one of the people that he surely needs. People are undoubtedly questioning the Bigfoot in the cover photo shown by IDW Publishing. Is it a part of the story or it’s just a comic book cover bluff?

Excitement fills in on both companies for the upcoming collaboration. The story will be written by Ryan Ferrier, famous for his works on Rocko’s Modern Life and TMNT: Dimension X. And will be paired by the legendary G.I. JOE writer, Larry Hama, who had written about 75 issues of the iconic character. Art will be made by SL Gallant, an accustomed artist in G.I. Joe comics. Variant cover arts will be created by John Cassaday, Ken Lashley, and Mike Zeck.

The comic’s first release will be in January 2018. Furthermore, the specific date is still not announced. However, an action figure expansion is already foretold.

Finally, for those not in the know, an old short on the tv series specifically from the comic series will fill you in.