Starboy: A Comic Collaboration With Marvel and the Weeknd

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“I’m a m****rf****n’ Starboy… Look what you’ve done!”

Starboy: A Comic by The Weeknd

Look what you’ve done, indeed! Marvel had teased that they have something to work on with The Weeknd. Fan of The Weeknd thought it might be a new song for a Marvel hero movie or that a cameo might come up, whether film or comic, lol, but no!

The Weeknd slew the comic universe! He lately just spilled that he and Marvel are brewing a comic named after his recent album, Starboy. And yes, you read that right. Starboy will be released somewhere next year but the published date still to be announced.

Stated on his twitter account, he is present at the New York Comic Convention, to sign autographs but maybe, also to dish on his new comic book. Fans of The Weeknd shocked on the announcement. His Twitter account showered with memes of people getting shocked or having their eyebrows raising. The song was so famous before that it was an iconic meme, and now look how far it has gone.

Unfamiliar with the song, Starboy?

Well, good thing Youtube is there for that, but, really you haven’t heard it? It was a famous meme!

Well played, Marvel!

Marvel, too, was excited with the team-up. And The Weeknd wasn’t the first that they had a collaboration with artists. Previously, they had signed a partnership with Black Eyed Peas on their comic Masters of the Sun – Zombie Chronicles. To sum up, mash-in a dash of alien invasion, a scoop of zombies in an outbreak, and a whole lot of hip-hop. To know more about the comic click the link below.
This comic was made in collaboration by Marvel and the Black Eyed Peas

The Weeknd At NYCC

Immediately, a Youtuber named NIFTYGORE uploaded a video of the Weeknd at the New York Comic Convention, and unlike his Twitter account, more love was seen and heard there for The Weeknd.