Justice League’s Batman Will Be Different Than in Batman v Superman

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Justice League is about a month away from its grand release worldwide. Before its release, Ben Affleck, who plays as Batman in the DCEU, had things to say about his character.

In Ben Affleck’s interview in Geek, he shared how Batman was more “humanized.” He will be different than in his last appearance in Batman v Superman. In that film, he and Superman were adversaries, and the latter was presumed dead at the end. However, the beginning of Justice League will show Batman’s drive to form Justice League. The strong team will be the means to defeat the enemies as well as to continue Superman’s legacy.

Batman’s changing (for the better) in the Justice League will be due to his drive to be a hero. This motivation will lead him to team up with Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s alter ego, to form up the first Justice League.

As fans know already, Batman is the only one with no superpower. He also has a habit of not getting well along with others. Affleck assured fans that the superhero would work well with everyone. Furthermore, he will be a better version of himself due to “the Flash’s earnestness, Diana’s warmth, and Aquaman’s needling.”

Next Month’s Grandest DC Film: Justice League

The Justice League cast appeared at the New York Comic Con and they had a lot more to share for the premiere. Since the upcoming movie will be the grandest to date, they made sure that fans will enjoy every single of it. Furthermore, the spotlight will not be on Batman and Wonder Woman alone. They both appeared in the previous films and fans are expected to pay more attention to them. But DC and Warner Bros.’ move is to make all of the individual heroes to shine in their specialties though this is already evident from the trailers.