‘Weapon H’: Marvel’s New Comic Series

News Sage/Youtube

Weapon H is a combination of different abilities and powers of various superheroes in the Marvel Universe. But next spring, the formidable character will have its comic series in Marvel Legacy. Can Weapon H exceed the popularity of Wolverine and Hulk?

Weapon H was created from the Weapon X program. His physical form is an obvious crossover between Hulk and Wolverine. He has the Incredible Hulk’s significant appearance and strength, and Wolverine’s adamantium claws. But that’s not only his attributes. Weapon H also has the abilities of the likes of Domino, Warpath, Sabretooth, and even Lady Deathstrike.

The Marvel Legacy comic series was announced in the NYCC’s ‘Next Big Thing: Marvel Legacy.’ Aside from that, two more new comics were also announced: the Legion and Rogue & Gambit.

Nick Lowe, the Marvel editor, didn’t reveal many details. But the tentative release date is next year’s March.  Moreover, Marvel had not released any statement regarding the author and illustrator’s identities. But Weapon H’s debut in Totally Awesome Hulk #22 was due to Greg Pak and Robert Gill. Either of them as the head writer of the new series will not be surprising though.

Weapon H’s Own Identity in Marvel

It will take more than the combined features for Weapon H to overcome Wolverine and Hulk’s popularity. In its first year, the new comic series will have to overcome many obstacles before it can leave a mark to various Marvel readers. Marvel is used to having overpowered characters. Thus, the overwhelming expectations towards Weapon H is a pressure.

First and foremost, he will have to build its own identity. Of course, fans of Wolverine and the Hulk will surely watch out for the release. Nick Lowe, even promised that the new comic would be “its full-blown series.” Thus, this will be perfect timing to establish Weapon H’s monstrosity as a hybrid of Wolverine, Hulk, and others.