New Trailer of ‘Justice League’ is Out!!!

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The second trailer of the ‘Justice League’ is now upon the viewers. It has been three months since the last one. It’s packed with new scenes you should not miss.

At the New York Comic Con 2017, DC and Warner Bros. finally released the second trailer. Then, it was posted on their Twitter.

New Scenes in the Latest  ‘Justice League’ Trailer

Clark Kent appears in the middle of the fields talking with Lois Lane. Then, Lois Lane in black clothing was spreading dirt on top of his grave. This is the scene where Superman is “dead.”

In another scene, a group of aliens started to terrorize the planet. And that’s how Justice League will be formed to defeat the invaders. Through Batman’s leadership, they will try to do battle with their team strength and teamwork as core strengths. Of course, Batman will be in charge of the transportation.

New scenes not available from the first trailer were mainly action scenes. Fans see more of the war being fought by two sides: Steppenwolf’s army vs. the Justice League. The trailer showed how the five heroes fought and their strengths were highlighted.

More on the Film

The ‘Justice League’ will release in two parts. The first part is on November 17th (which is next month). The second part already has a specific date, and that is on June 14, 2019.

There are speculations about Green Lantern’s appearance in the movie since the character portraits of the heroes appeared a few days ago. In the slideshow, Green Lantern joined the ranks of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash’s team. Boss Logic uploads this, and it gathered many views from anticipating fans.

Surely, Green Lantern will not be part of the next month’s release unless Warner Bros. intends him to be a surprise at the ending credits. But maybe, he will be part of part two set in 2019.