Steppenwolf Will Bring Chaos and War in Justice League (2017)

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With the release of the latest trailer of the grandest DC film of the year, it showed scene sequences about the supervillain. The leader of the invaders, Steppenwolf, may be one of the dangerous enemies in the DC Extended Universe as it required the formation of Justice League.

The Danger of Steppenwolf

This warlord is an expert tactician and has excellent qualities to lead a massive army of Parademons. He’s not only knowledgeable, but he’s also crazy strong. Furthermore, Steppenwolf is an immortal that lived for thousands of years. Steppenwolf belongs to the New Gods species from planet Apokolips. In his home planet, he and the others are giants. But when traveling to other worlds through the boom tube, they shrink to human size.

His military prowess allowed him to destroy a lot of civilizations in many planets. On the other hand, he didn’t kill and conquered them just for fun. He is one of the villains that commit atrocities for a reason. He and his army are on a mission to retrieve the very great Mother Boxes.

In the ‘Justice League’ trailer, he smashed Aquaman to a wall in their fight in Atlantis. The Apokolips army will also engage in a war with the Amazonians. The Themyscira has one of the Mother Boxes. Also, fans will get to see a fight between him and Wonder Woman.

Indeed, the ‘Justice League’ film will have a remarkable supervillain. Steppenwolf will be a hard enemy to take down.

Edited Family Origin

In the upcoming ‘Justice League,’ Steppenwolf will be introduced as Darkseid’s nephew instead of being an uncle in the original comic. This would make more sense as Darkseid is one of the elite supervillains. Furthermore, it will be a bummer if the Darkseid will command Steppenwolf to invade earth as his nephew.

The purpose of Steppenwolf and the horde army invading Earth is to retrieve the three Mother Boxes for their evil plans. Unfortunately, one resides within Cyborg. However, before he can get his hands on Cyborg, the entire Justice League will put up a heated fight first.