DC Comic: Supergirl is too Powerful? New Super-Man will Help!


Can a superhero be too powerful? Well, it can happen, or at least by accident. You’re too powerful that your powers became the hazard to the place you aimed to help. On the new issue of Supergirl, she is the one who now needs help. Her forces became so powerful; it became reckless to the point that she became the problem. Note: It might contain spoilers for other readers, whom still catching up.

Currently, she is on leave to her superhero duties until she can control her powers back. How can she handle this power growth? She seeks to a family for help. Kel advises her to go to another family member living on the other side of the planet. Will Kal’s advise help her?

Who can help Supergirl?

A new Superman on the other side of the planet is here to help! Kong Kenan seems mainly Mandarin and is living in Shanghai. Well, is it wrong to say that he is a Chinese Superman?

He leads our heroine, Kara Zor-El, to his master, I-Ching, to teach her the ways of Qi. Will an ancient art form be the solution to her problem? She once had science for help, Kryptonian Science to be exact, but it wasn’t the answer.

Master I-Ching told in the comic’s preview chapter that the reason why Supergirl’s powers wherein haywire were due to Fatal Five’s attack. He promises to help her meditate to get her powers back on track. But everything was more in-depth as it seems.

The challenge now is that will she able to control her power in time before a new threat arrives?

For more, read Supergirl #14 on sale on October 11, 2017 (tomorrow). Written by Steve Orlando, together with artist Jose Luis. Cover art and Variant cover art by Jose Luis and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, respectively. Link to DC Comics about the comic down below. Supergirl #14