Sonic the Hedgehog Back With New Comic Series in a 4-week Event

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Sonic the Hedgehog/Youtube
Sonic the Hedgehog’s new comic cover

Sonic is Back!

Hooray, a new series! Sega, the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, announced the creation of a new era of Sonic the Hedgehog Comics. The four (4) issue series will launch in April 2018 with a 4-week event celebration.

There’s a new publisher in town!

Archie Comics handled sonic the Hedgehog’s comic series for about 24 years. As you have heard, Sega of America just ended their partnership with Archie comics for Sonic the Hedgehog, last July of this year. Of course, the comics won’t stop, however, Sega of America wants to venture in a different direction for the iconic blue hedgehog.

Sega of America, now in partnership with IDW Publishing, will celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog by having a 4-week celebration. They plan on releasing one comic every week, for four (4) weeks starting April 2018.

Still the same author; As for artist/s

IDW publishing and Sega of America recruited the previous comic author, Ian Flynn.

Ian Flynn worked for Archie Comics for years that he even found a love life at work. Wow! Sega of America loves Ian Flynn’s work that he was the first thing they thought of for the position of the lead writer. Ian Flynn felt honored with the offer. He hopes that his work would expand his relationship with IDW.

As for the artist, IDW and Sega of America will still be announcing who the artist will be. However, for the cover image posted above, it was created by Tyson Hesse. He created the opening animation for Sonic Mania. He already announced on his Twitter account that he is not taking part of the interior. The opening of Sonic Mania is placed below for those who are unfamiliar with the animation. The video was made from Sonic the Hedgehog’s Youtube Channel

IDW Publishing and Sega of America promises to update fans as soon as possible. So make sure to be currently updated on it. The specific date of release is still to be uncovered. So stay tuned!