Thor: Ragnarok The Official Collectors Edition

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Thor: Ragnarok The Official Collectors Edition

Marvel and in partnership with Titan Publishing presents Thor: Ragnarok The Official Collectors Edition. Get behind-the-scenes access to the movie Thor: Ragnarok. The book contains exclusive interviews with the cast, getting fans details and fun facts on the ins and outs of the film. It also includes concept art and the storyboard of the movie’s screen flow and storyline. Complete will be the absolute in-depth all-in-one guide of the dear God of Thunder’s new adventures on screen.

Quoted by Marvel as “… The essential movie companion for fans of one of Marvel’s mightiest heroes!“, will give fans time to get to know their heroes and artists of the film. The film cast includes Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Cate Blanchett as Hela (Goddess of Death), and Mark Ruffalo as Hulk.

Thor: Ragnarok Movie

People are getting excited about the movie. As people saw in the trailer, there will be an epic gladiator fight between Thor and another Avenger member The Incredible Hulk. Hulk might have been in hypnotized since he doesn’t remember Thor at all. As the synopsis goes, Thor’s home world, Asgard is in danger. He desperately wanted to go back. However, he got imprisoned in another world. Even more, his hammer is gone!

If you didn’t watch the trailer, here you go!

Original Trailer

Teaser Trailer

Both trailers are in courtesy of Marvel Studios.

New team, just like the Avengers, but for Asgard.

A new dream team is formed! Thor needs help and couldn’t fight the Goddess of Death alone. As the movie progresses, he is in recruit of heroes to save Asgard. Will Thor save Asgard in time? Can he do it without his trusty hammer this time?

No more Mjölnir

The movie department made fun of Thor having no more hammer. In an interview with Chris Hemsworth at Jimmy Kimmel Live, they played a clip from a movie on a conversation between Thor and another gladiator fighter about Mjölnir.