Spiderman and Deadpool’s Bromance Going To Be Over?

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The one of the most epic team up Marvel has is between Spiderman and Deadpool! If you are into Marvel, then you know how strong the bromance/friendship (or being frenemies) the two have.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #23

For the upcoming issue, issue #23 of Spider-Man/Deadpool, Marvel posted that the two are feuding frenemies. The two will be battling out because of what Wade Wilson had done.  Deadpool had sold some S.H.E.I.L.D. tech over to the black market, and Spider-man finally puts his feet down and hunts him.

We all know that Wade isn’t a goody two shoes after all. That seems to be standard for someone like Deadpool, but of course, selling S.H.E.I.L.D. tech is, like, inviting war and that needs to be stopped.  Will this end the bromance between the two?

According to Robbie Thompson, the writer of the comic, Spider-man knows that deep down inside Wade Wilson can be good. He doesn’t want Wade to go to jail either. Peter just want to help and give Wade a rehab.

Bromance between Spiderman and Deadpool

The bromance between the two are strong and already has a history way before then, be it comic books or animation. Both look the same and talks the same. They even annoy the hell out of Wolverine, so yeah “twinsies.” It seems that only Peter Parker can understand Wade Wilson the reason why the two can be (almost) inseparable. The weird friendship and humor of the two are so strong. Any people would think that the ship had sailed.

Robbie Thompson gave hints to Marvel.com’s interview that there is an antagonist in Spider-man’s past that making them fight each other. But that story is reserve until the end of the second issue.

Are you all in between the bromance? Or you like the bromance over?

Spider-Man/Deadpool #23 release date is on November 8, 2017. Don’t forget to secure a copy at the nearest comic book shop!