Gwenpool vs. Doctor Doom, What Was She Thinking?

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Dubbed as the girl who always breaks the fourth wall! And was said to be funnier and wackier than Deadpool, presenting Gwenpool! She’s the girl version of Deadpool with a girly bright pink costume, get the picture?

Gwenpool #22

Gwen Poole, or famously known as Gwenpool, has another adventure in mind. For issue #22, she went all out and decided “Why not go to Latveria?”. Who comes to mind living in such a place? Why Doctor Doom, of course! The heroine is taking on an iconic Marvel character, what was she even thinking?

Nope, not a chance

Even the writer, Christopher Hastings, thinks Gwenpool doesn’t stand a chance. Come on, Doctor Doom is smart and had already showcased his mastery of technology and sorcery. The Fantastic Four got trampled by his greatness. She’s just making fun of herself, but hey, she already did that, like, 21 issues ago. Doctor Doom also has a lack of patience to very annoying characters. You can imagine Gwenpool, be like Jessie and James (in Pokemon), getting blast off at the speed of light (pun intended).

What can Gwenpool do? She only knows to use weapons. In fact, she is still training herself in perfecting sword techniques via Youtube videos. Wow! Though, since she knows that her world is just a comic, she can break the fourth wall and manipulate the panel. However, she still trying to figure that out. Well, who knows? She might win using that method. She’s the heroine after all.

Spoiler alert: Christopher Hastings, along with the comic’s artist, Irene Strychalski, described that the battle with the two would be swift. Well, that is expected, right?

Gwenpool as a comic relief

Gwenpool’s whole comic series profoundly marked as comic relief. Most reader, read it just for fun but as for storywise, well, so-so. The comedic brand that the comic portrays lets the readers escape the seriousness of the worlds that the Marvel Universe has. It was like made to give some readers a break from all the drama and the wars. Though, others through its just Marvel’s attempt to get their version of DC’s Harley Quinn. Both are crazy, wacky ladies. But on the contrary, Harley Quinn has a deep love-hate relationship with The Joker, unlike, Gwenpool who has no love interest with Deadpool, at all. Deadpool is much more interested at Spider-man than her.

Well, she’s on her own!

Grab a copy at the nearest comic book shop, releasing this 8th of November!