DC Collectible Releases New Line of Batman Action Figures and More this June 2018

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Good news to avid fan collectors, both old and just getting started, DC announces their new Batman Action Figure Collection. The line will be released in June 2018. A DC Collectible 12 figure summer line-up collection for avid fans and collectors!

Batman Black & White Poseable 6.75’’ Action Figure Line

This will be DC Collectibles’s new exciting lineup of action figures on the upcoming summer 2018. Firstly, as the heading indicates, DC will release a Black and White Action Figure line by three famous DC artist. Below shows the action figure made with different styles from each artist and series:

1. Batman by Jim Lee from Batman: Hush

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Batman Black and White Action Figure #1

2. Batman by Greg Capullo from Batman: Death of the Family in Detective Comics #27

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Batman Black and White Action Figure #2

3. First appearance Batman by Bob Kane in Detective Comics #27

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Batman Black and White Action Figure #3

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $30.00 each

It doesn’t stop there!

DC Collectibles also releases some other collectibles and figures in line with the collection.

The first wave of DC Artists Alley designer vinyl in three new black and white variants

Secondly, a black and white version of the DC Artist Alley designer vinyl of Justice League main members: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. The Dark Knight’s (legend Frank Miller) favorite DC Artists Alley designer, Chris Uminga designed the figures below. Scaled at 6.75’’ and an MSRP of $40.00 each.


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DC Artists Alley – Batman – Color
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DC Artists Alley – Batman – Black and White

Wonder Woman

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DC Artists Alley – Wonder Woman – Color
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DC Artists Alley – Wonder Woman – Black and White


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DC Artists Alley – Superman – Color
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DC Artists Alley – Superman – Black and White

How about a 12’’ DC Designer Series statue?

Finally, DC Collectibles decided to bring Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights Metal #1 Variant Cover to life in a 12″ scale model. It will showcase an ax-wielding Batman, pretty badass if you ask. Also, it will be accompanied with a 7.5″ Harley Quinn: Red, White and Black statue by Jae Lee and a life-size Joker cane replica.  The Joker Cane replica is 42.5’’ high with an intricately designed Joker-themed handle as a cherry on top. A must-have!

Metal Batman’s MSRP is $150.00. For Harley Quinn: Red, White, and Black, MSRP is $80.00. And lastly, Joker’s Cane is about $125.00. DC Collectible was destroying wallets every time.

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DC Designer Series – Metal Batman Statue
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Harley Quinn: Red, White & Black Statue
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DC Gallery – The Joker Cane Replica