Comic Review: Avengers VS [Complete: 4 out of 4]

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Avengers VS Cover Art

Avengers assemble! This day’s review: Avengers VS. It is a four (4) issue comic containing short stories of Avengers adventures versus different enemies each comic.

Synopsis of Avengers VS:

Loki distributes Asgardian artifacts to different villains. Will the Avengers collect it fast before destruction persists?


3 out of 5 Stars – It’s simple. The story is a typical Avengers adventure. Very good for kids and up.


The comic is recommended for those who are familiar with the characters and want to dwell in the comic universe. Especially to those who might have seen the Avengers on television, animation or movies. It is a kid-friendly comic. Good news to any parent wanting to expose their kids to these superheroes responsibly. You can understand the flow of the story immediately. Thus, you don’t need to do some comic background check.

It contains battles from Asgard, the home planet of Thor and Loki, and of course, our planet Earth. The comic includes values of teamwork, friendship, brotherhood and, most importantly and undoubtedly, heroism. Well, bravery at its finest. It also contains some comedic feature that will surely entertain any person at any age. But, to sum it up, commonly it’s just the typical “superheroes save the day” mantra.

For fans wanting to see their favorite villains, the villains seen in this comic are Red Skull, Loki, Frost Giants, Attuma, M.O.D.O.K., and A.I.M.


Written by Joe Caramagna, also with artists Wellinton Alves, Dario Brizuela, Andrea Di Vito, Ron Lim, and Carmine Di Giandomenico. Moreover, covers were made by Tom Raney, Michael Ryan, Carmine Di Giandomenico, and Kalman Andrasofsky, respectively.

The comic contains 12 pages each issue, rated 12+ by Marvel, finally, with Marvel Characters Inc. Copyright of 2015.

Where to buy:

Currently priced digitally at $0.99 in Marvel’s Digital Comic Shop. To those interested, link inserted below to get your digital copy now!