Comic Review: Secret Weapons (2017) [Complete: 4 out of 4]

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Secret Weapons #1 / Comixology
Secret Weapons (2017) #1 Cover.

Secret Weapons (2017) is a comic by Valiant Entertainment, written by Eric Heisserer and art by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin. It stars Amanda McKee also known as Livewire, one of the famous heroes in the Valiant Universe. The title should be accompanied with the year since there is also another comic by Valiant on the same title but was released in 1993. Do take note that the older Secret Weapons and the newer are of different settings and situations storywise.

If you are not familiar with the characters and the terms then don’t fret. You might want to read this article first:

Synopsis of Secret Weapons (2017):

The story starts off with Livewire on a quest to learn about other facilities Toyo Harada made to create more psiots. Later on, she learned about the abandonment on the failed ones. Livewire suddenly wants to help these youngsters who are in need of help.

After that, imagine you are one of Toyo Harada’s failed psiots. Trying to create a life on your own after a mysterious weird creature suddenly hunts you down from the facility who had abandoned you. All your buddies are also trying to make life on their own. But then one day, the weird creature suddenly came back, a reunion abruptly spurs. Forming a new group with Livewire as its leader.


3.75 out of 5 Stars – It was hanging. It builds a hype yet suddenly the story just cuts off. Why is it only 4 issues? Hopefully Valiant will create more story for these characters.


At some point, having a group of failed psiots are very interesting. Though storywise, it is a very common scenario wherein the weak are useless alone, but, epic together. It is sad to realize that the story just suddenly end. It ended where Livewire plans on training them somewhat. This actually builds a hype for readers but to stop the comic feels kind of wrong. Maybe there is another series plotted for it? Or maybe they will have another title? The thought of knowing that the comic’s end suddenly drops where it is actually climatic sounds depressing. On the other hand, it does give readers a thought on the company. Basically, the company needs sales to know if it is popular or not. Hopefully, it will gather enough fan base that, soon, Valiant will be willing to invest in creating more stories of the psiots in this comic.


The comic was rated 12 and above, good for kids and teenagers. Issues were released on June 28, July 19, August 16, and September 20 of this year, respectively. The page count of the issues were 36, 30, 30, and 33, respectively. All are colored. In addition, there will be zero issues released and soon will be released. The first story released is about Nikki Finch, one of the abandoned psiot. She has the ability to talk to birds. The zero issues are about the character’s life before and during their stay in Toyo Harada’s facility. It was discussed that another will be made.

Where to buy:

Available on Comixology with price ranges from $1.99 to $2.99. Buy your own digital copy of the comic from Comixology, provided with links below so you can order. Buy now and happy reading.

Secret Weapons (2017) Issue #1

Secret Weapons (2017) Issue #2

Secret Weapons (2017) Issue #3

Secret Weapons (2017) Issue #4