Dark Horse Comic Presents Metal Gear Solid Art Collection

Parka Blogs/YouTube

Dark Horse Comic x Metal Gear Solid

Fans will probably be eaten up with nostalgia as Dark Horse Comics announced on their Video Game Comics Panel during the San-Diego Comic Convention 2017 last July, which they will bring the awesome art of the action-packed game in translation.

Artbook Contents and Details

Recently, Dark Horse just announced that it would contain historical concept and key art by Yoji Shinkawa. In case, you are unfamiliar with Yoji Shinkawa. He drew all things that are Metal Gear Solid which includes: Metal Gear Solid (first), MGS2: Sons of Liberty, MGS3: Snake Eater, MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, and MGS: Peace Walker.

The artbook entitled The Art of Metal Gear Solid I – IV contains two volumes of it. Highlights of it include the art of the characters, vehicles, and weapons of the Metal Gear Universe. All in what Hideo Kojima, the producer of the game, envisioned. The English translated art still leaves the original Japanese Handwriting intact. The original publisher, however, of The Art of Metal Gear Solid I – IV is Shinkigensha, a famous Japanese publisher.

The collection, still named as The Art of Metal Gear Solid I – IV contains a two-book set package included with an impressive collectible slipcase. The collection includes Peace Walker Gallery Works and Studio Works, and The Art of Metal Gear Solid I – IV artbookEverything totals to about 800 pages and costs $79.99 in retail. It is the perfect companion to The Art of Metal Gear Solid V artbook done by Dark Horse Comics themselves.

30 years of Metal Gear Solid

The game just celebrated their 30th anniversary. Thus, the artbook’s creation was for fans to celebrate its glory. However, it was amiss in being near the anniversary date. Still, avid fans eagerly await for its release. Do better reserve yours now or regret it later.