Dynasty Warriors 9 Will Launch Next Year!

Dynasty Warriors 9 - Action Trailer!

For fans, the last Dynasty Warriors 8 was two years ago. With its impending release on early 2018 and all the exciting teasers, two years are the worth the wait.

Koei Tecmo revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 about the initial launching window of the Dynasty Warriors 9. Furthermore, it will be released worldwide.

The Japanese version of the game will only be PS4-exclusive. Meanwhile, the English version will be published on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Background

A new trailer for the upcoming game was also released at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. The trailer was about the new features, new environments, and a new feature named State Combo system.

In this system, there are a whole lot of attacks that your character can adapt while playing. There are three categories: Flow Attack, Reactive Attack, and Trigger Attack.

The Flow Attack is about combos that change depending on the enemy’s position. This kind of attack continues even when the enemy is stunned or mid-air.

Then, the Reactive Attack is the most versatile type of attack and can range from counterattacks to finish moves, etc. Finally, the Trigger Attack is about forcibly changing the enemy’s state. All of these aim to make the game’s fighting fiercer and smoother.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay
Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay | Koei Tecmo America at Youtube

There are a total of 83 characters returning in this game from the previous Dynasty Warrior 8: Empires. Of course, new characters will be added. So far, Xu Sheng Zhou Cang, Man Chong, and Cheng Pu are introduced.

The game can be played differently depending on the player. You can pick whether you want to participate in clashes, side missions, wars, skirmishes, etc. Moreover, there are battles like guerilla and scouting missions too.

More Questions

There is no price listing about the game yet as it was just announced. Also, the release window was only announced and not the exact month or date. For now, fans of the game will have to wait for further announcements in the coming weeks.