Final Fantasy IX Launches in Japan on PS4

Final Fantasy IX Trailer
Final Fantasy IX Trailer
Final Fantasy IX Trailer | GamersPrey at Youtube

During the Sony’s Tokyo Game Show held yesterday, the Final Fantasy IX on PlayStation 4 will be available throughout Japan. No further announcement is released when the other regions would have their launching.

The Pan European Gaming Information (PEGI) board recently gave a rating on the Square Enix’s Final Fantasy IX on their website. The game is for 12 years old and above. It also features graphic violence towards non-human characters and unrealistic violence towards human creatures.

The PEGI rating was a day before the official announcement of Sony. The Final Fantasy IX was an original game played on the original PlayStation in the year 2000. In 2010, its next ventures were on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PSP.

The game also ventured to PC, iOS, and Android devices thanks to Square Enix. These were all last year’s feats.

Final Fantasy IX Game Background

The story about this game starts with Zidane and Tantalus Theater Troupe kidnapping Princess Garnet. The princess was the apparent heir to the Alexandria.

The role-playing game is set in the timeline of warring nations in the world of Gaia. Players will follow the story of Zidane Tribal in their epic quest to overthrow Queen Brahne.

The graphics of the game is similar to the earlier Final Fantasy games. The game has sold about five million since its 2000 release.

How Much?

The release in the Japan region will warrant other areas such as North American and Europe to release their versions too on PS4. The impending release in these areas hasn’t been announced yet.

The original pricing of the Final Fantasy IX in PS4 is at $29.99. However, fans can enjoy a 20-percent discount since its release up to September 26th. You can buy the game in the PlayStation Store or on their website.