‘Justice League Action’ S01E43 Review

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Justice League Action and Batman

On the 43rd episode of the cartoon network series – Justice League Action – Big Barda’s life is threatened when Batman is compelled by Darkseid to trace Mr. Miracle and reclaim back the anti-life equation stolen from Apokolips.

Batman traces down Mr. Miracle to bring him back to Darkseid in Apokolips as he was requested. Mr. Miracle finds it quite hard to go back to Apokolips when he thinks about the suffering he may undergo upon his return.

He escapes a lot of Batman’s attempts at catching him. At some point, they are distracted by Granny Goodness and her annoying minions. After his futile escape efforts, he is finally found by Batman. Batman explains to him why he should go back to Apokolips, but Mr. Miracle still refuses.

He tells to Batman that Darkseid does not want him, all he desires is the magical sphere he uses which is a part of the Anti Life equation, a device of great power which can give Darkseid massive ability and power over the universe.

Mr. Miracles finally gives in and decides to go back when Batman tells him that Darkseid is holding his girlfriend, Big Barda, hostage. When Batman and Mr. Miracle arrive, they find Darkseid in his chambers while Big Barda is held captive above him.

Mr. Miracles is called a prodigal son. Surprisingly, while conversing, Mr. Miracle steals Darkseid’s Mother Box and uses it to send Darkseid away. The heroes are finally free. But as they make their way out, they are confronted by the evil Granny and her company. Will the team manage to escape with the device in time before Darkseid makes a grand return?

All in all, the remarkable episode wraps up with a fight against the Granny. Darkseid returns to the process, but Batman and the team manage to escape with the real sphere( thanks to Batman) using the Mother Box. Again, Darkseid has been fooled. Even though there was gradual progress in the plot, the episode was still entertaining. Let us wait for the next episode.

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