Justice League Film Will Have One Less Villain

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Justice League Warner Bros. Pictures/Youtube

The Justice League film is due on November 17, 2017. But, significant changes in post-production turned out that Lex Luthor won’t be included in the official screening.

It’s not only Lex Luthor who was cut from the Justice League movie. There’s also Iris West, the wife of Barry Allen or more known as The Flash. The early screening of the film didn’t feature or show any scenes of actor Jesse Eisenberg as the villain from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, it didn’t seem like Lex Luthor’s absence had a significant effect on the plot of Justice League. The superheroes will have one less villain to take down, after all.

Batman News was the first to confirm that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will not appear in the promotions or the official release. These changes were set in stone when Joss Whedon succeeded Zack Snyder’s role in the project. Snyder left due to family tragedy issues. Batman News further commented that Whedon had his take on the DC comics and would apply it in the movie. Since Whedon took over, scenes were reshot scheduled for two months. According to Warner Bros., the participation of Whedon in the project will credit him in the screenplay.

Director’s Cut of the Justice League?

When it was Snyder’s time, filming ended in October 2016. Thus, the scenes of Iris West and Lex Luthor were also recorded and saved. However, this time, the only instance that the likes of Lex Luthor and Iris West to appear will be in the director’s cut. If there is one, it will be on Blu-ray DVDs. But there’s no confirmation or announcement regarding this.

Though as much as fans would like to know more about the Justice League film, the participants of the early screening signed non-disclosure agreements to prevent spoiling about the movie. Fans will have to wait until November.