Justice League Movie Will Not Include Iris West

Justice League Trailer by MovieAccessTrailers/Youtube
Justice League Trailer by MovieAccessTrailers/Youtube
Justice League Trailer | MovieAccessTrailers at Youtube

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is due on November 16, 2017. However, there are certain reports that the movie will not feature this DC classic villain. Iris West may not appear in the film if the rumors are true.

Just recently, the character of Jesse Eisenberg was confirmed to be cut from the official scenes of the film. The villain, Lex Luthor, appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This time around, Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons might be the next one to be cut from the Justice League movie.

Batman News commented that this wasn’t surprising as Joss Whedon took over as the screenwriter. He wanted his screenplay to be more like his own.

Justice League’s Iris West

Iris West is the love interest and wife of Barry Allen. Barry Allen is more known as The Flash in the DC Comics Universe.

If the rumors are true, this will be the first time that Iris West will appear on the big screen played by a real person. In the last two films such as Justice League: New Frontier and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Iris West appeared only as an animated character.

Kiersey Clemons was cast in the superhero film months ago. She had already filmed her scenes, but they may not appear in the official screening. However, there’s a big chance that she could appear in the director’s cut of the film when it comes out in Blu-ray DVDs.

This won’t be the first, and the last time fans may hear about Iris West. Though she won’t be around this coming November, her debut is set in the next Flashpoint film. This movie will feature The Flash.

More on Flashpoint and Justice League Films

Flashpoint is finally going to push through after it was announced back in 2014. It underwent many challenges such as losing two directors, numerous script revisions, and ultimately, being scrapped. It was until recently that Warner Bros. brought back the idea of The Flash having his very own film.

Official filming of Justice League ended in October 2016. However, when Snyder stepped down, and Whedon took over, some scenes were re-shot starting July 2017. Filming ended just recently.