Late 60’s Comic Coming Back… Good ‘ol Space, SciFi and Sex… Release Barbarella!

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Jane Fonda as Barbarella

Many of you might not be born when this comic was first released. Heck, your parents might be children at that time. A Science Fiction comic that features the adventures of a beautiful blond sexy bombshell in outer space.

Still, don’t know who she is? Maybe grandpa knows! He might remember Jane Fonda, on the film adaptation of that comic. Some people might remember that movie as pornography.

If you’re new to her, no worries, you just didn’t live in France that’s all. Under Dynamite Entertainment, Barbarella, a French Comic created by artist Jean-Claude Forest that debuted in spring 1962, will be back this December of this year.

Last seen in comics for 35 years! How long it has been! Then, Barbarella’s Old?

Yes, it has been 35 years since the iconic girl was seen. Her appearance on the comic Heavy Metal, legendary science fiction publication, was her final scene.

Not only that, they will coincide the release with Barbarella‘s 55th Anniversary. Dynamite Entertainment show excitement on this comic’s release for it was a pop culture icon of the sexual revolution in France.

Dynamite wanted to preserve her history as it revives. And as a part of the big celebration, Dynamite extends her product line not only to comics but 3D art books and figures as well.

So who did replace Jean-Claude Forest?

In respect to the late Jean-Claude Forest, Dynamite was meticulous on choosing who’ll fill in his shoes. Dynamite announced writer Mike Carey, Turkish artist Kenan Yarar, and consulting editor and Barbarella’ longtime brand custodian, Jean-Marc Lofficier, as part of the dream team.

Mike Carey was famously known for his works on X-men, Lucifer, and The Girl with All the Gifts. Turkish artist Kenan Yarar, whom famous for his character Hilal. Hilal was a rebellious and lovely chick that has a lot of school problems also with a devil always stalking her in disguise.

Diamond Comic Distributors’ requested Barbarella for their October 2017 Previews catalog. Comic book release will be this December.