Marvel’s Runaways Releases Teaser Photos for Upcoming Premiere

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Fans have waited for several years for their favorite comic book to be adapted into a series. The time has come for Runaways as it will release in Hulu on November 21, 2017. As a treat, Marvel teased new photos for fans to show what Runaways will be about and how would it look like.

Marvel Entertainment posted on their Twitter Page today. It is about the first photos of the fan-favorite comic book series, and it directs to a link. The link then opens to Marvel News with a slideshow.

The photo gallery consists of two group photos and six individual shots. The two group photos are the Runaways and The Pride, respectively. The Runaways are all children of The Pride. Meanwhile, The Pride is an evil organization that threatens the city in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Furthermore, the two photos are interconnected and forebode a clash between parent and child.

Is Runaways Worth Watching?

Given the title, it’s no wonder that you will think about teenagers who ran away from home due to some constraints. The six teenagers have no bonds with each other in the past.

However, they must join forces to defeat The Pride which is their parents. Their parents are supervillains with superpowers and magical abilities.

Throughout the story, it will focus on the teenagers seeking powers to defeat their parents. However, what’s different with the TV show is that the characters aren’t painted black and white. The villains have their reasons, their own stories as to what made them become the enemies they are now. Indeed, the unique elements such as parent versus child and humanizing the villains are some of the reasons why Marvel’s Runaways had amassed its large fan base.

More Details

For now, the info released for The Runaways is the release date and the characters. Fans hope that the production will be true to their word that they’ll stick with the comic book in this new adaptation. Furthermore, more details will be revealed as Marvel will introduce the series on the New York Comic Con this October.