Release Date Unveiled for Final Fantasy XV “Comrades” Multiplayer Expansion

Final Fantasy XV - TGS 2017 Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades Trailer | GamersPrey at Youtube
Final Fantasy XV – TGS 2017 Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades Trailer | GamersPrey at Youtube

The game has produced more than 6 million copies worldwide. The next step for Final Fantasy XV is the Comrades multiplayer expansion on PS4 and Xbox One. The game will release on October 31st.

Square Enix announced this news on Tokyo Game Show 2017. They also released a new trailer with the new track of Emiko Suzuki titled Choosing Hope.

New Final Fantasy XV Game

Comrades is a new game where it will allow four players to create their characters. Each character should be within the Final Fantasy XV lore. You can take on many multiplayer quests. But, this game can only be played online.

In this game, players will not play Noctis and his friends. Instead, players will create their members of the Kingsglaive. All the characters are survivors of the Kingslaive. It is an army that protects the kingdom of Eos. The primary goal in Comrades is to bring back the Light to the Lucis Kingdom. On another note, other characters like Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis will be added in the future updates.

This will follow the events right after the Chapter 13 of the Final Fantasy XV’s main storyline. Furthermore, you can also take on single-player quests if you’d like. There are surely a lot of features to create a new user experience for Final Fantasy fans.

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV | GamersPrey at Youtube

Availability of Final Fantasy XV Comrades

Comrades will be available for those who have the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass holders. Of course, at no extra charge. There is also an option to purchase the game separately. But for PS4 and Xbox One, playing the game will require memberships on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

The main Final Fantasy XV was launched in November 2016. It is currently on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. However, it will also branch out for PC in the first quarter of 2018.