Riverdale Fans Rejoice! Sabrina the Teenage Witch is Coming!

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Due to the popularity that The CW show Riverdale received, The CW and Warner Bros. TV partners to develop The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This news confirms that Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be back on the small screens.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch 2003 vs. 2018 Versions

Following the original comic, The CW and Warner Bros. decided to make this as creepy as hell than that of the comedic Sabrina the Teenage Witch did last 2003.

The two uses Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist as tonal references for this production. High expectations for it as a horror life-based adventure. The comic wasn’t originally comedic however when Sabrina crosses over Archie’s world changes the perspective of the people to the character.

The creative team for Sabrina and Riverdale are the same but the with grandeur challenges. The story enters the world of Sabrina just before she will be stepping onto her 16th Birthday.

It will be the crucial time for her in balancing between normal high school life and her destiny as a witch. It also entails drama upon herself as she struggles on reconciling her two nature as a half-blooded witch.

Itching to know more about who will be Sabrina, Fans took on social media by storm. A particular Disney star posted on Instagram a picture of the old comic and a telephone emoji. It was not announced yet on who will surely be the new Sabrina.

For the meantime

As the storyboard of the new tv show Sabrina the Teenage Witch and its full production, it’s confirmed that Sabrina will first appear on the television show Riverdale. Riverdale showcases Archie and his friends’ adventures though done in a darker theme.

Staff confirms that Sabrina is a companion series to Riverdale. Teasers for the show also includes the presence of Melissa Joan Hart (the 2003 Sabrina) in the new drama. Many speculate that if she’ll be one of new Sabrina’s aunt. Riverdale will air this upcoming October again. Better watch out!