TCM and DC Entertainment Free Comic Collaboration: Noir Alley

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Noir Muller Hosting Noir Alley

If you love the dark lit rooms, the smoke, and the guns that men in crisp formal suits always carry, then you know what Noir Alley. It is a show that showcases classic movies. The black and white ones to be exact.

Noir Alley might remind you of those classic detective movies. Dark narration, in the main actor’s voice, echoing in the background. All the while, he sits in his chair, looking constipated in his office. Of course, smoking at the same time.

Showcasing the classic Hollywood movies what drives TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and the host of the show, Eddie Muller, in playing back the old hits. In fact, Eddie Muller’s (a.k.a. Czar of Noir) biography includes being the lead advocate of film restoration, president of Film Noir Foundation, and a well noted San Francisco based writer.

The Expansion of Noir Alley with DC Entertainment Stepping In!

DC Entertainment and TCM made a collaboration to make a comic in regards to Noir Alley. TCM aims to have an interactive fan experience, and who in the DC universe perfect in the Noir setting other than Batman? The free comic entitled Batman in Noir Alley is out now! The fun twist to this comic was the presence of the host, Eddie Muller on the story. Batman and Eddie Muller? What’s more noir than that?

More Noir Alley Expansion

More extension will come with a 360 degree Noir Alley Experience available for desktop and virtual reality devices this October. Also, the seven-episode online feature accompanies the virtual reality experience entitled Noir Alley: 360° of Noir. The seven-episode online gives fans a new perspective on the life of crime, murder and kidnap. Noir Alley: 360° of Noir provides hands-on experience for fans to sink into. However, the name of the game for TCM is to connect to the fan deeper with noir.