‘The Gamer’ Season 4 Has Started

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If you are a fan of comics and webtoons, then that you have undoubtedly read The Gamer. In case you have not, let me tell you a bit more about one of the most popular comics on webtoons.
The Gamer premiered on July 1, 2014, and has captivated the imagination of millions ever since. The story revolves around a regular guy (or maybe he was never so ordinary, to begin with, we still don’t know) who gains the ability of a gamer. It means that he is a game character and that he can level himself up and get new abilities. He learns of the abyss, a world of magic and wonders that exist parlay with our society.
His newfound powers suit him perfectly as he is a real-life gamer and had spent the better part of his life playing video games. He learns about himself and the world around him all the while “leveling” himself up. With his new abilities, he will have to battle the forces of evil, but luckily, he will not be alone. I don’t want to spoil it too much for you, so I suggest you stop reading here if you are not already up to date with the latest chapters.
The Gamer Season 4 is back after a month-long break.
The Gamer returns on November 10th, and I could not be more excited about its comeback. The previous season ends on a cliffhanger, as it should, with us learning that the church of mask is more powerful than we could ever imagine and that they have conquered the much beloved Yeon Hon Guild.
Just as we thought that the gamer was finally strong enough to stand against any foe, we got a crude reality check. No matter how unique or powerful he is, the church of mask are many, and they will not be dealt with so quickly.
The first episode of the 4th season does reveal very much. We learn that the representative of the church of mask wants the gamer to join them or die and that he refuses. Shocker, right?
We also learn that his mana shield is stronger than even himself could imagine and that he is about to take our favorite redhead back to his place. Don’t get your hopes up though. Knowing him, we won’t see much action “back at his place.”
Even though I hoped for a more prolonged chapter for a season start and a bit of more action I am not disappointed at all. I am too thrilled that the gamer is back and that I get to enjoy my weekly The Gamer chapter once again.
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