Valiant Comics: ‘Secret Weapons’ Special #0 Issue

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Valiant Comics/Youtube

Variant Comics just recently tweeted a tease for their new comic issue, Secret Weapons #0. The link in that tweet came from The Hollywood Reporter containing details and interview of the website on some people behind the production. Though caution, it contains some spoilers.

Unfamiliar with Secret Weapons 2017?

If you are unfamiliar with Secret Weapons, imagine this scenario. Take some of the famous Valiant Characters. One of them learned that there were uncherished psiots, what they called to people with extraordinary psychic abilities. And that person wants to help them survive. Well, survive from being hunted from a Variant Villain that is. So, it revolved around the story of 3 teenage kids with whom labeled as useless.

But the story’s moral highlights on making use of what you have and make this advantageous from there on. If you are a lazy reader, why not check out youtube like these gentlemen describing the first issue of Secret Weapons.

The series only has four issues. And, please take note of the year. This is a remake of the 1993 version. This comic storyline is excellent due to the people around working in the background. For the writer, Valiant puts in Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Eric Heisserer. You might be familiar with him through its popular motion picture Arrival. And, is paired with Raul Allen, a Harvey Award-nominated artists, and Patricia Martin. Both are renowned artists and writers, thus makes this production worth turning heads too.

Secret Weapons #0

Secret Weapons #0 will focus on the backstory of one of the characters, Nikki Finch, a rejected psiot with powers that could talk to birds. Yeah, you could say it’s not that special, but, this what makes this comic interesting. How could you create epic adventures with not-so-special powers?

In addition to this special edition, Sija Hong joins in the hype with a never before seen cover drawn by her. The comic released date is in January 2018.