Wonder Woman Will Appear In the Flashpoint Film

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Wonder Woman Warner Bros. Pictures/Youtube

It was already three years since DCEU announced the Flashpoint movie. Ezra Miller plays as The Flash in the upcoming Justice League (2017) movie, and he will have his solo film in the future. Wonder Woman will also have a significant role in the Flashpoint.

Flashpoint was scrapped back then after losing two directors and undergoing major script rewriting. However, DCEU pushed forward on making this film just this year. The film was supposed to release on July next year. But now, it has no projected release date yet.

Wonder Woman in the Flashpoint

It’s no exception that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman had captivated many fans. It was due to her skill and talent in portraying the Amazon superhero. Thus, it’s no wonder that DCEU will integrate Wonder Woman into a solo film such as Flashpoint to make a point. Aside from her upcoming stint in Flashpoint, she will appear in this November’s Justice League film and the Wonder Woman 2 sequel in 2020.

But, is the DCEU playing safe at the box office earning with Wonder Woman also? That doesn’t seem to be the only case. Wonder Woman appeared in the 2011 DC comics featuring the life of Barry Allen or more popularly known as The Flash.

In the comics, Diana Prince (or Wonder Woman) killed Aquaman’s wife which eventually sparked a war between her brethren and the Aquaman’s Atlantis. Her role here would be dark as many innocents were slaughtered because of getting caught in their conflict. Each faction would try to take over the world.

However, this dark and evil Wonder Woman only appears in the alternate timeline created by Barry Allen. Barry Allen traveled back in time to stop the murder of his mother. This revision in the history eventually created an alternate timeline in reality. Barry Allen is no longer The Flash, and there are significant changes in most DC superheroes and villains. One example is what happened to Diana Prince.

More on Flashpoint

There is still no director for The Flash project. Warner Bros. made a move on enlisting Robert Zemeckis as the original director of the film but no results yet. Zemeckis is known for his time travel and alternate universe movies. If all go well, fans will expect the Flashpoint movie on 2020.